Hose Guards

STEEL SPRING HOSE GUARDS are available in various sizes to suit most of the standard size of hydraulic hoses – big or small. Each length of steel Spiral Hose Guard is packed in individual plastic sleeve to avoid tangling.Various sizes available to suit different size of hoses with wire thickness up to 3mm. 

Benefit of Steel Spring Hose Guard over other spiral wraps: Very often hydraulic equipment such as excavators; bobcats; big or small work continuously for long hours generating heat in the system. Working conditions such as atmospheric temperature can be extremely high. With STEEL SPRING HOSE GUARD  heat in the hoses can be dissipated to atmosphere easily; virtually there is no restriction for heat to dissipate in the atmosphere; whereas with plastic spiral wraps heat is contained and not allowed to dissipated with ease and takes longer time to attain ambient temperature; eventually giving rise to the system temperature.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​